Robert Weinstock: Food Hates You, Too


Food Hates You Too, by Robert Weinstock The first poem in Robert Weinstock's Food Hates You, Too (Hyperion 2009), is about riding a Ferris Wheel:
Ferris-wheeling is appealing
When you stomach isn't feeling
Corndog-whirling, taffy-twirling,
Cotton-candy-heaving, hurling…(p. 4)
The music of the poem captures the turning Ferris wheel, while the words capture everything else turning.

The title poem is all about what happens when food hate us:
That mayonnaise detests Pierre,
And mustard weeps from Fritz?
That Juan makes sushi gasp for air,
And Atsuko gives tacos fits? (pp. 6-7)
All this anthropomorphized food ends up making the case – the children beg to be given a chance. Read this poem while your kid eats a plate of broccoli and it should do the trick.

Robert Weinstock

The illustrations range from an Andy Warhol-esque stack of cans (p. 9) to Good Night Moon with praying mantids (pp. 14-15). The cover will grab any kid who loves to hate food – a giant tomato sticking its tongue out – and check out the marching broccoli inside. What fun!

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