Michelle Obama and Paula Deen: Laying It On Thick


Paula Deen with guest Michelle Obama

Presidential candidates and their spouses have been making appearances on TV talk shows and comedy hours more and more to bypass news reporters and expensive advertising campaigns.

With the campaigns retrenching from policy issues to style, appearing on The Daily Show or The Colbert Report doesn't quite fit the bill.

Now the candidates are targeting the audiences of the Food Network -- and Paula Deen is first up.

Michelle Obama taped an episode, scheduled to air on Paula's Party on September 20th at 7pm. According to press reports, Michelle and Paula swap stories about their families in a converted cafeteria in Norfolk, Virginia's Old Dominion University.
"She was getting her hands dirty," Deen said in an interview Friday. "I think they are like us — they like real food, not a bunch of prissy food." Obama told Deen her husband's personal favorite is a steaming bowl of chili, and the first meal she ever cooked for him was a seafood gumbo.
What does Paula Deen teach Michelle Obama? How to make Fried Shrimp and Creole French Fries, which fits into the title of the episode: "Grease Is The Word Party." Given Barack and Michelle Obama's svelte figures, Super Chef recommends that Michelle stick with her gumbo. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Obamas favor Rick Bayliss's Sopa Azteca – a far cry from the kind of Southern Food favored by Paula – but certainly very "real" food.

Turns out that Paula has filmed episodes with Cindy McCain and Sara Palin – but press reports make no mention of Joe Biden's wife Jill. Is that some indication of Paula's politics or does that mean she is only trying to increase the cholesterol counts of only part of the Democratic ticket?

This isn't the first time Paula has been involved with politicians. She also hosted former President Jimmy Cater and his wife Rosalyn, from her home state of Georgia.

This isn't the first time that FN has been part of the presidential campaign. (See Recipegate: Can Cindy McCain Cook) Cindy McCain and/or her staff plagiarize recipes from the Food Network website. The McCain campaign chose recipes from Rachael Ray and Kathleen Daelemans – not Paula Deen. Perhaps that is why Michelle is on Paula's show – or will we be seeing presidential visits to all the kitchens?

How about Iron Chef American President: what would the secret ingredient be?

Pork -- by the barrel, of course.

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