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Back in November 2001, Marcus Samuelsson, then only 30 and chef/partner of Aquavit, was invited by The New York Times to comment about professional-style stoves for home kitchens.

Although he bought a GE for his upper Westside apartment, his favorite was the Garland (now BlueStar).
You can put pots and pans on a slow simmer, and sear salmon and chicken breast on the griddle. You can set up a restaurant like kitchen with this range. You have flexibility. It's not flashy, and you can do basic things.
Six years later Keith Wolf joined BlueStar as vice president of marketing and contacted Marcus. According to Wolf, after meeting with Marcus, it was clear that he had a passion for the type of open-burner ranges that BlueStar produces. Among all the stove manufacturers that had approached him, BlueStar was the one that intrigued him, he told Super Chef.

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Recently, Marcus has become BlueStar's spokesperson -- and he is finally getting that BlueStar stove.
I am getting a Salamander, a BBQ for outside. It's a really good stove. It has 22,000 BTUs, that means I can cook the same way at home as the restaurant.
When Super Chef talked to Marcus, we asked what is so special about BlueStar?
As a chef I am lucky enough to get approached by many companies. I am very careful what I pick and which I work with. They have to be companies that I can add something to. BlueStar makes the best stoves and cook tops. They approach me. It was not hard to talk me into it.
Marcus will be attending the industry's Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference(KBIS) show in Las Vegas, May 8-10, cooking live on a BlueStar range at the company booth. He will be holding several BlueStar cooking demonstrations around the country, too. Blue Star will also add an "Ask Marcus" section of the company's bluestarcooking.com website, where he will answer consumer questions about cooking with a BlueStar range.

Marcus is interested in a long-term relationship with BlueStar.

He told Super Chef he wants to be part of their development of new products.
I do a lot of research on companies. They are great people with a great product. I have my expertise to share with them.
Marcus is already thinking about what goes on the stove and in it. He has already written a cookbook, The Soul of a New Cuisine (Wiley 2006), and now he is putting his name on cookware.

He told Super Chef:
As a chef, you have been cursing your pots and pans forever. Now I have a chance to communicate what I need as a professional chef, and make a product for the home cook. My motivation is how can I make a product as close to professional as possible.
Regalware Celebrity Branded Chefware

In fact, Marcus is working with Regal Ware, which already sells Marcel Biro pots and pans. Marcus' cookware should be for sale in the third quarter of 2007. Both are part of new "Celebrity Branded Cookware" branding by Regalware.

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