Jamie Oliver Betters British School Food


Jamie Oliver, from the BBC Lucky British school students. This week they started school with healthier lunches, largely the result of Jamie Oliver's campaign to get fatty, unhealthy food out of school cafeterias. The new guidelines on meals follows Jamie's "Feed Me Better" campaign, begun in 2005, and his very popular TV show, Jamie's School Dinners on the UK's Channel 4. Oliver will review progress in the special, Jamie's Return to School Dinners, which airs later this month. (If you want to have Jamie consider a question about school lunches, click here.)

There is more to be done, but most British school students will be eating healthier food than their American counterparts. Shouldn't more celebrity chefs in America be pushing for healthier food? Shouldn't American parents support these chefs and call on the government for drastic improvement?

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