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Tom Colicchio

cover of Super Chef, by Juliette Rossant
* Profiled in Super Chef (Free Press 2004)
BIO:           Tom Colicchio is a self-made chef. Bucking the trend to go to the CIA or Johnson & Wales, Tom worked his way up through restaurants in his native New Jersey and then New York City at hot spots, like the Quilted Giraffe under Barry Wine and Rakel under fellow super chef Thomas Keller. He landed his first executive chef at midtown Mondrian. Though the restaurant failed, he picked up uber-financiers to back his next move to Gramercy Tavern with Manhattan restaurateur Danny Meyer. Tom struck out on his own – keeping those deep pocketed financiers and architect Bentel & Bentel – with Craft (New York), Craftbar (New York), Craftsteak (in Las Vegas and New York) and 'wichcraft (multiple locations), along with other consulting projects -- and three cookbooks. Having said in Super Chef (2004) that he would not do Television, he is currently the star of the most successful Reality Food TV show to date, Bravo's Top Chef.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Tom Colicchio is a very intriguing chef. I am a new fan of the "Top Chef" and I enjoy the show very much. He is pretty sweet "eye candy" as well.....

9:44 PM, April 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well is clear that racism is alive in this mans mind,,after the debacle of the last "Top Chef",,or why we only want white people who look like us,, Lee Anne WONG,,wrong for this racist chef,,,sends her home for what???,,
He lacks integrity, honor, almost everything one associates with Italy, maybe he needs to go back and find his own roots,,,not in NJ,,,,,

11:08 PM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Jared Bruskin said...

I must say its a great post. Keep up the good work.

Jared Bruskin

12:21 PM, May 11, 2006  
Blogger Cate said...

I love Top Chef, and love Tom Colicchio just as much.

9:58 PM, May 11, 2006  
Anonymous T. Roosevelt - DC said...

Pasted from Bravo Message Board conversation.

In order for Dave to have been down so incredibly would require a more complex grading system. So let's do some math.
Let's say a great dish = 4 points. (A)
a good dish = 3 points. (B)
a okay dish = 2 points. (C)
missing some = 2 poitns. (C)
okay, having been a student. all of my teachers have awarded grades for doing a project even if it weren't perfect. Which is how we arrived at a grading system. An assignment is turned in, but missing elements, so it's gets a B or a C, but it is turned in. Dave did turn something in. So, excellent, but missing things I will give a C.

So let's total. The first scor is for High Roller, the second for Poker, and the third for Cirque.

Harold 4 + 3 + 4 = 11
Dave 3 + 4 + 2 = 8
Tiff 2 + 2 + 2 = 6
So, Dave won....
We could even change it, and take away Dave's 2 points for Cirque and he still ends up with 7 points, which is one point greater than Tiffani. We could even say that Dave and Tiffani tied for the high roller (scoring two points) and was given 0 points for Cirque and you'd have a tie between Tiffani and Dave with them both having 6 points. In the event of a tie, one would have to take into consideration that Cirque liked Dave's 2 dishes and that Dave did win one challenge. This would make Dave above Tiffani. A fair assessment would have been for Dave and Harold to be the final the two.

5:34 PM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Who would have ever thought that I would think a chef was sexy?...........hot, Hot, HOt, HOT!!!

4:19 PM, October 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May 6 Anonymous is a moron.

Tom is one of the reasons I keep watching Top Chef. He and Gail are excellent judges.

2:25 PM, December 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racist? Give me a freaking break. Harold was the clear winner. The real debaucle is Sam getting booted on the current season. regardless, Tom is the man.

2:20 AM, January 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met this guy, he came to the restaurant I cook at to order a bunch of food to go. And we're not talking some elaborate 5 star meal I cook at a bbq joint on the north fork of long island and he told us our food was unbelievable, out of this world I think were his exact words. And what a humble guy comes in sits at the bar soaks up the environment not once worrying about people recognizing him or anything. Great guy great cook great show!

4:09 PM, May 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either this guy is racist or the producers who tell the judges on Top Chef how to vote are, but its probably him, plus hes a total dick on the show and a hypocrite

1:03 AM, August 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the show. However, Tom is nothing less than a total "DICKHEAD" and obviously a complete racist. This certainly is evidenced by his demeanor and total lack of personality and connectivness regarding the contestant chefs. He may be a great guy off the show and within his element, is certainly a world class chef, but the producers committed a Brain Fart. He's Got To Go!!! It's just a matter of time until one of his racist and pretentious comments gets him a slap up side the head.

7:29 PM, March 08, 2008  
Blogger Christine said...

Please stop accusing others of racism. Tom is a great judge. He is confident, knowledgeable, and levelheaded. of all the judges, Tom is the most unbiased. Tom C. is the reason that I watch Top Chef. I am Asian, and it is embarrassing to hear of minorities (sore losers) pointing fingers and accusing people of racism.

2:56 AM, April 08, 2008  
Blogger sky said...

Tom is the Man! Very nice to look at as well (had to say)! Tom gives a critique that is to the point and not bias. Whomever doesn't think so has either never been or doesn't like to be critiqued.

12:04 PM, May 01, 2008  
Blogger cathaysa said...

hi I from to spain and I am new fan of the top chef and the TOM!!!
guauu this man is very nice and sweet and very handsome.
here we love tom kisses

4:02 AM, May 02, 2008  
Anonymous Primavera said...

Huge fan of Tom Colicchio and his charisma. Never posted a comment online ever, but feel compelled to write about how yummy Tom is. Curious how many people agree. Yes, I'm female.

5:40 PM, June 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the show! Have met tom in person at a party.I have to say he had a bit of an ego trip going on but still is hotter in person!

8:10 AM, June 15, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Tom -- great food, easy on the eyes, what more can you ask for? I'm just glad I can finally get Tom in my very own home on Top Chef: The Game. Ha ha! Play a free demo of it here: www.TopChefTheGame.com, but don't try to steal my man! =)

5:33 PM, November 10, 2008  
Blogger take_the_responsibility said...

It’s a Fact, Chef Tom Colicchio, despises and has total disdain towards Chef Grant Achatz and everything he has worked so hard to build, namely his restaurant Alinea and his original style of Molecular Gastronomy.

Moving forward, what is even more distaining is the fact that by virtue of his actions, he also has now shown disrespect and loathing toward other great Chef’s namely: Juan Roca, Feran Adrian, Heston Blumenthal, Anthony Flinn, Willie Dufresne, Thomas Keller, but also to these resuarants and all their hard working staff El Bulli, Mugaritz, Moto, WD-50, The Fat Duck, Pierre Gagnaire, Arzak, Alkimia, Martin Berasategui, Akelarre to name a few.

So what are these factual actions I speak of???
When someone does a TV commercial and generates income from their involvement as a spokesperson and as a person of so called deemed authority in which millions of Americans will watch and offers negativity… they should be responsible for their actions. I believe Americans of late have had enough of this “all care but no responsibility” attitude (look at the banks and CEO’s).
And before Tom’s PR Peeps try to gloss over this as a mere fun campaign for Diet Coke…. Too late … The damage has been done. And you have overstepped your mark !!!

View this situation here:

A full apology from you “Chef Tom Colocchio” and Coca Cola is eagerly awaited by the worldwide chef community.

3:57 PM, March 12, 2009  
OpenID BobbyRay said...

Tom is an AWESOME chef. I would be honored to have him cook for me. And yes, he is one VERY SEXXXY MAN...WOOF! Is he single? Gay?

Thank You,
BobbyRay of FL

3:43 AM, April 12, 2009  

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